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Jacob G. Hornberger discusses the fallacies of the anti-Islam crowd. Oliver Ortega discusses how the border wall has been a bipartisan project. Melvin Goodman discusses a possible return to the abuses of the Bush era under Trump. Ivan Eland discusses ending or reforming NATO. Muhammad Sahimi discusses Iran and a recent missile test. Ira Chernus…
Time to Use Uber’s Weapons — Against Uber
Uber, the controversial corporate employer masquerading as a “ride-sharing” service, has recently stirred up more controversy with new revelations about its Greyball program for circumventing enforcement of local taxicab monopolies. Greyball maintains a database of likely local government officials. This database is populated by users who frequently open and close the Uber app near government buildings,…
Decriminalize Immigration, Free Movement for All!
Wealth is Concentrating Too Fast to Keep Up
Trump Assumes Command of the American Church
Time to Put the NAP to Rest?
The non-aggression principle is an ethical stance which asserts that “aggression” is inherently illegitimate. “Aggression,” for the purposes of NAP, is defined as initiating or threatening the use of any and all forcible interference with an individual or individual’s property. The NAP is considered to be the defining axiom of the modern libertarian movement. However,…
To Vote or Not to Vote
Basic Income as a System of Control
In Defense of Extreme Cosmopolitanism
Review: Journey to Earthland, by Paul Raskin
Paul Raskin. Journey to Earthland: The Great Transition to Planetary Civilization (Boston: Tellus Institute, 2016). The idea of a new, humane global civilization emerging from a mid-21st century “Time of Troubles” is a common theme in near-future science fiction. Probably the most notable example is the post-scarcity moneyless communism of Star Trek: The Next Generation,…
Lessons from the Practice of Basic Income
Review: The Corruption of Capitalism, by Guy Standing
The State Doesn’t Conserve, It Only Destroys
Deleuze, Guattari and Market Anarchism
I. Deleuze, Guattari, Accelerationism There’s been a lot of talk about Deleuze and Guattari around both academic and activist scenes for quite some time. Sometimes they are objects of unfounded derision (decried as “holy fools” by traditionalist socialists like Richard Barbrook), and other times they are the beneficiaries of overtly non-critical praise (see the endless…
Postmodern Philosophy and Market Anarchism: Allies or Enemies?
We Are Not Disposable! Building Alternatives To Prisons
Rethinking Markets: Anarchism, Capitalism, and the State